The Spiker


Nora has been a sales professional for fourteen (14) years and since, she has worked with various clients from highly niche industries. Her clients includes industry leaders like Gucci, Bulgari, Llyod’s Register, Regus, Rabobank as well as many professionals.

Being a competent salesperson with a high regard for her customer’s satisfaction, she is highly attentive to the details and is robust enough to negotiate a fair and valued deal. It is proven very quickly that she can run with the best in her field. 

Nora is a keen learner in acquiring new skills and in no time, will be strategizing and executing on her strategies. As a sales professional, who develops new business and maintain strategic relationships with clients, it is no longer just about being motivated. These strategies that she adopts help to meet the core of each client’s needs.

She also has a natural flair for mentoring sales professionals and have enjoyed that experience in her course of work. She thinks it would be interesting to share more insights that will provide the platform to excel at sales. Hence, the birth of Sales Spike.