Before A Close

The first time I was introduced to sales closes, it was almost a decade ago.The common concern for those who know these sales closes, is what close do I use and when to use them. There is no science to this. It is situational. The best you can do, is to know as many and … More Before A Close

Can StartUps Sell?

A few nights ago, I caught with an old friend for dinner. I was very happy to know that his newly set up company is doing well and he is ready to hire more people. He was sharing with me how he met a gentleman who could be a potential candidate. My, was he excited. … More Can StartUps Sell?

The Overlooked Traits Of A Sales Professional

Everyone wants to have an opinion on what makes a great sales professional. So many have written about it and in summary, we see a few common adjectives such as focused, empathetic, responsible and positive. Come on, we all know that already and we agree. Besides, which occupation does not need one to have all, if … More The Overlooked Traits Of A Sales Professional