The Wise Words of an Old Lady

Today, someone reached out to me after reading my blog and encouraged me to keep writing. He was just another stranger that stumbled into my blog. I know I have hit the pause button for awhile. The first time was because I was back in school doing both my BSc and MBA which took 3 … More The Wise Words of an Old Lady


Will Covid-19 reverse Globalisation?

The recent global pandemic, Covid-19 has significant economic impact on financial markets and vulnerable industries such as manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, and travel which suggests millions of jobs are at risk. There is a huge potential for loss of income which of course triggers many social, physical, and mental health well-being concerns. The low-income employees are … More Will Covid-19 reverse Globalisation?

Standardization – Adaptation Debate 

Levitt, an advocate of standardization argued that corporations should offer universally standardized products instead of customizing. He believes corporation should operate as if the world is one market and disregard regional and national boundaries (Levitt, 1983). According to Schmidt et al. (2007), the application of standardization offers many advantages such as economies of scale in … More Standardization – Adaptation Debate 

Losing a Deal

Have you ever sit and reflect where did a good prospect go wrong? You did all the fact finding and the prospect has the want or need, can afford it but yet you still tank the deal. This is from a recent personal experience. I was offered a free trial at a beauty salon for … More Losing a Deal

Sell Me This Pen

I am sitting on boat, looking at the sunrise of Athens going to Hydra. Then it hits me that a few days ago, I read an interesting blog post by another. There is no confirmation she is a Sales Professional but it was a sales related post. I have lost the link to that blog … More Sell Me This Pen

Which are you?

This weekend was one of many mixed feelings for me. I have again failed at a task I was ever so sure that it would be a breeze. Well, sh!t happens. That is so true but again, I am such a little perfectionist doll that I was very upset.  So upset that I wanted to give … More Which are you?

Are You a Mundane?

Flashback to the point I started selling, I was told the best way to learn was to observe. We see this often when you have a rookie in an organisation. Rookie is sent to the field with a senior employee to observe and learn. We call this “shadowing” Observation comes through many forms though. While … More Are You a Mundane?