Losing a Deal

Have you ever sit and reflect where did a good prospect go wrong? You did all the fact finding and the prospect has the want or need, can afford it but yet you still tank the deal. This is from a recent personal experience. I was offered a free trial at a beauty salon for … More Losing a Deal

Sell Me This Pen

I am sitting on boat, looking at the sunrise of Athens going to Hydra. Then it hits me that a few days ago, I read an interesting blog post by another. There is no confirmation she is a Sales Professional but it was a sales related post. I have lost the link to that blog … More Sell Me This Pen

Which are you?

This weekend was one of many mixed feelings for me. I have again failed at a task I was ever so sure that it would be a breeze. Well, sh!t happens. That is so true but again, I am such a little perfectionist doll that I was very upset.  So upset that I wanted to give … More Which are you?

Are You a Mundane?

Flashback to the point I started selling, I was told the best way to learn was to observe. We see this often when you have a rookie in an organisation. Rookie is sent to the field with a senior employee to observe and learn. We call this “shadowing” Observation comes through many forms though. While … More Are You a Mundane?

Benjamin Franklin

More than often in life, we will hit a cross junction when making decisions. This happens almost every minute of the day. Then again, there are some decisions that requires a little more thinking. There is never an assurance that we are making the right decision. There is always that risk involve. Let’s face it; life … More Benjamin Franklin