The Wise Words of an Old Lady

Today, someone reached out to me after reading my blog and encouraged me to keep writing. He was just another stranger that stumbled into my blog. I know I have hit the pause button for awhile. The first time was because I was back in school doing both my BSc and MBA which took 3 long years. I did mention this in one of the more recent post and it was followed by the pandemic which somehow just managed to take up all my time and brain power. Anyway, what I am trying to say is I am going to try and write more.

After more than two years of Covid, I think we can all agree that the fatigue can set in. Such fatigue from a long battle that is still going on, can take a toll on us. So how do we get out of it or how do we continue staying positive? What I am going to share is probably a little off brand – it is not sales or business related.

My mom, a woman who barely finished Primary School, has a lot of wisdom to offer. Growing up, she used to tell me that the world is round. Kind of merely stating a fact right, not much wisdom there. Well, what she meant was the world evolves and what goes around, comes around. Some days, we are on top and some days, we are at the bottom. She still reminds me this stuff regularly and there are many reasons for it:

Even in bad times and when you are feeling like you have hit rock bottom, keep your chin up cos it will pass. The day will come where you will be back on top of the world, so keep the faith.

Secondly, when you are on top, do not forget those who are at the bottom. Even if you are only offering a smile to make their day better, it is something. But of course, if you can do more, why the hell not?!

Lastly, when you are on top, remember that the world evolves, and you may be at the bottom soon – you never know! So prepare for that day to come.

So how does this apply in this day and age of Covid fatigue?

If you are down and out, have faith that which ever God you believe in, will not leave you in a lurch. Keep the faith and keep believing that it will get better and it is a matter of time. For some of you who are Atheists (don’t worry, I got you), believe in the power of positive thoughts. Send positive thoughts out to the world and get positive vibes back. What I am trying to say is, have some faith – be it in The Higher Power, in YOURSELF or even just the world. None of us have a crystal ball to guarantee it will get better but same can be said about it staying the same or getting worst. So let’s believe in better things!

Always be ready to help and I mean help. If you are a friend, and have nothing good to say or offer, shut it and move along. No one needs to listen to your half thought out dumb ass remarks in the time when they are feeling low! If all you have, is going to affect a person’s emotional and mental state, I’d say they are better off without you. So how do you really help? Be kind, in whichever way that word appeals to you but in my mind, do no harm and alleviate pain/suffering. Listen more, talk less and give support. Have an understanding of the whole situation before making suggestions and if you have nothing to offer, sometimes just your company and your laughter can lift a moment of pain for them. And if you can afford it, and help beyond just your social circle, some financial help to the many charity organisation that is helping people that are badly affected by the pandemic will be great!

Lastly, that reminder from my mom basically means always be on guard, prepare for things to go south or simply put, prepare for rainy days. I messed up and was ill prepared for it once but I was blessed with a great support system. So just in case you don’t and you are on top of the world now, this serves as reminder to make sure, you are mindful and prepared.

Well while this advise came from a home maker with little to no education, it is still very valuable to me and to me, it is leadership and motivation related. Being positive is a state of mind that needs to be cultivated. Lucky for me, my mom taught me that since I was a kid that I have an iron clad heart when comes to believing it will get better. Thanks Mom!

Being helpful and active listener is a great skill to have as a leader. You can only get to the root of the problem if you listen and not hear. I work to be better at this, daily and sometimes I still stink at it but sometimes people mistake me for not listening too but I do. It is a work in progress, and that’s the least everyone of can do.

Finally, being prepared is one of the best skill to have in the sales/business world. Haven’t you heard “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performances”. That’s it for now folks! I hope to see you again soon!

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