Losing a Deal

money-256319Have you ever sit and reflect where did a good prospect go wrong? You did all the fact finding and the prospect has the want or need, can afford it but yet you still tank the deal.

This is from a recent personal experience. I was offered a free trial at a beauty salon for a facial treatment. Being a woman, I am naturally interested especially when there is no cost involved. Besides, I was also already thinking about signing a package somewhere after much debate about doing regular facial by one therapist.

So I believe I make a lay down city sale prospect despite there is always a pact made when comes to buying – ” I will think about it first or I will not make a decision immediately”. But yes, I wanted it, can afford it. Thus, it should be a no brainer deal for the right price.

Guess what, I walked out not signing a dime and felt like it was not worth my $600 to be with them. How did that happen?

Assumption got the best of the consultant attending to me and her attitude was very poor. Not to mention, her sales pitch was horrendous.

Here is what happened and in blue, is what I personally would have done and I think any half way decent sales person could have done.

When I got there, I was placed in a tiny consultation room that had a computer and was told to wait for a consultant who will attend to me shortly. Shortly indeed, which turn out to be about five to eight long minutes. And that was it.

I know it is not a common practice in many parts of the world but this is Asia. Your place of business is considered your home. When you sit someone down, offer them a drink. It is common courtesy. Start the music with the right tune and hope it will end with one too.

Never leave your prospects alone. Marry your prospects. Today, human beings are more easily distracted. A phone, a small technology is enough to distract a person. If you are not ready for your prospect, ensure you have someone in your place to keep her occupied. Small talk to build rapport. Or in this case, maybe offer her to go to the ladies as the treatment is 2 hours long. Anything, as long as they are not on their phone.

See, being on the phone could easily means replying work emails, reading news, playing games and worst, talking to someone. The back and forth is very distracting which does not help in breaking the pact or the natural defense mechanism towards buying anything.

I was already discussing meal plans on the phone when she walked in the door. She had no introduction whatsoever.  I don’t remember her name at all or if she actually shook my hand. She started asking me standard procedure questions and very rigid.

She checked my skin and off I went to the treatment room. While walking to the treatment room, I didn’t feel any connection to her and I was not sure if I wanted her as a consultant or my therapist.

She didn’t use the opportunity to build rapport. She didn’t even notice that the day after is my birthday and I was on the birthday free trial. If a prospect is disconnected from you, there is no trust. Sales professional must use every opportunity to build rapport. Remember, make a friend make a sale.

Each standard procedure question could have led to something to talk about. From occupation to date of birth to home address. Anything to get the prospect talking. I would have spent at least 5 minutes just having small talks before sending the prospect off to treatment. This is not because I like talking but I am building rapport, common ground and making a friend.

So 2 hours later after the treatment, I was put in the same room. This time, they got it right. Kudos. A cup of tea.

Here is where it really went south. Nothing wrong with the treatment, all was good. It was just her pitch. It just was rushed, not interested. My perception as a prospect was she assumed I was not going to buy. See this is THE mistake.

Regardless what trade you are in, never assume that prospect do not want the product or do not have the money. Assumption is the mother f%^&*r of all screw ups, so they say.

Again, recap – there is 6 steps to a sales, If you have no idea what I am talking about, read it here.

In this case, the treatment was the presentation, which is Step 4. However, because the treatment is 2 hours long. I will have to rebuild the connection. You do not expect a rapport build over 5 minutes to last 2 hours. 

And I would repeat Step 4 again since the treatment was a physical bit of the process and you were not exactly communicating. But I will keep it short and simple with the features (logic) and benefits (emotions). Only then, I will do Step 5 & 6 and work tirelessly for that close or worst case, referral.

I know this incident may not work for some trades but I hope you get to pick some pointers or refresh your knowledge. Also, if you are in a similar trade or work process, I hope this helps you not to do the same kind of mistake.

What a bummer, now I have to look for a new beauty salon. LOL, speak soon people.


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