Which are you?

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This weekend was one of many mixed feelings for me. I have again failed at a task I was ever so sure that it would be a breeze. Well, sh!t happens.

That is so true but again, I am such a little perfectionist doll that I was very upset.  So upset that I wanted to give up and not put myself through the challenge again. Lucky for me, I have a strong support system that believe in me even when I doubted myself sometimes.

Thus, this reminds me of a story that I am almost certain some of us have heard of. However, for the benefit of those who have not, I shall tell you and hope you will always remind yourself of this whenever you feel you have hit rock bottom.

For a second, imagine that you are a cucumber, an egg and some coffee beans right now.

Think about what will happen when each of these item is being put in boiling water for while.

Let’s start with the cucumber; it will turn soft. The egg; it will become hard boiled and the coffee bean has just made coffee.

Are you getting this yet? If not, let me break it down for you.

In life, most times, your perception is your reality. This is especially more so for Sales Professionals. All these items went through the same adversity. But the end results are so different.

The cucumber was hard. However, after being in the boiling water, it softened and became weak.

The egg was fragile, the one that was likely to break as we know it. However, its shell had protected it. After being in the boiling water, its inside hardened.

The ground coffee beans had changed the water after they were in the boiling water.

In challenging times, ask yourself this; which of these three items are you?

A cucumber that is hard in the beginning and turn weak and soft through hard times or an egg that becomes stiff with adversities. Or the coffee bean? The bean actually changes the hot water, the reason it was in pain into coffee.

Be like the bean, when things are at their worst. You be better and change the situation around you.

See, life or a sales process is not all that bad. Set your eyes on the target and if you fail, try again. But this time, review it and make the situation work for you. We have control on most things that are happening around us. It is not all that bad.

I hope you will find that strength to be a coffee bean and handle those adversities. Even if it means, there will be some pain.

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