Are You a Mundane?

book-791652Flashback to the point I started selling, I was told the best way to learn was to observe. We see this often when you have a rookie in an organisation. Rookie is sent to the field with a senior employee to observe and learn. We call this “shadowing”

Observation comes through many forms though. While observing your senior is one of the most effective form to learn. You can also learn from another sales professional at a sales presentation. From various fields. Selling is selling, regardless what you sell.

Through a sales presentation, you can identify the type of sales professional one is. You can re-learn the trick of the trades and of course, new tricks.

I have had a keen interest in observing sales professionals for a very long time. From them, I learn and re-learn. I loved going to sales presentations just to listen and I recommend Sales Manager to send your team to any sales presentation to learn from others. You might just learn a few things for free from the best in another organisation.

Personally, I enjoy listening to a sales pitch to identify their methods of pitching and certainly enjoy throwing them objections to see how it is handled and what interesting ways they have to handle it.

If we recalled my “No Farming, No Hunting” post, I mentioned the two types of sales professionals – hunters and farmers. And I mentioned every hunter is a farmer too as you cannot hunt without farming.

However, in my recent experience with some sales professionals have allowed me to coin a new term for a third kind.

Let me introduce you to the “mundanes“.

“Mundane” as we know it, refers to lacking interest or dull. These are the sales professional whom I seriously wish would pick up their next pay check to buy a book on selling, go for a course or even spend nothing to just read this blog to learn a thing or two.

Selling is an interactive activity which requires a little brain power. If you are going to sit around and wait for a prospect who comes in with a decision already made and just sign the contract, you must be delusional.

Paper pushers are not sales professional and I highly encourage you to reconsider your career options.

Prospects are always going to have an idea of their own. As Sales Professionals, we are supposed to advise them if that idea of theirs is the best idea money can buy. Unless it already is. Which genuinely makes only about 10% of the time.

Hypothetically, you meet 100 prospects in a year and 10% is only 10 easy conversions. What happens to the other 90? A good sales professional has a realistic closing percentage of 30 -50%.

So, here are some steps to get you off that “mundane” label:

  1. Knowledge is POWER  having every knowledge about your variations of product/services will better assist you to match a solution to your prospect’s needs. Do not cloud your compassion with the lack of knowledge and bad advice.
  2. Facts and Figuresif there is anything that we can learn from the current state the world is in; facts and figures don’t lie but human beings do. You cannot be plucking numbers or anything from the sky for a prospect. Get off you a.. and do some research. Have the facts ready so you can advise them right. Have some integrity
  3. Feature and Benefit anyone can talk about a feature or a benefit separately or individually. But a real good Sales Professional is able to tie a benefit to a feature to show their prospect that it is a solution they truly deserve.

I shall leave you with my sales hero, Tom Hopkin’s quote to think about this.

“Mastering the art of selling involves mastering the craft of providing your clients the education, products, services, and personal contact before, during and after the sale that they want, need and, more important, deserve. That’s how you succeed. That’s how you’ll not only survive and grow in this business, but will thrive, prosper, and achieve greatness through it.”






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