Always, Sometimes and Never


As a Sales Professional, everyone wants a piece of you whether they buy or not. Thus, a good Sales Professional has to learn 3 key words to better manage time, increase productivity and closing. These 3 words works for all types of business, prospects and clients.

Statistics would have 20% of your client database who would always buy from you regardless what you do or say. They are your natural buyers. Great for business and a Sales Professional.

Then you get the other 20% who will never buy from you, no matter what you do. Even if you unfold every trick in the book. I personally call them “tossers”. No one will blame you for feeling that way. You can also avoid dealing with this lot if you have identified them earlier.

Now, the big chunk of the pie, the 60% is those prospects or clients that could go either way. They are your “sometimes” bunch. This is all you now. You can make or break the deal.

When you can identify which category your prospect or client falls in, you can quickly determine how much time to spend with them. It is actually very simple.

ALWAYS – don’t spend too much time or effort

NEVER – don’t waste your time and wrap it fast

SOMETIME – Spend most of your time here. They are the people who needs a little nudge.

Learn this and learn it fast and well. You will be surprise at how you sales will increase. 20% will always buy, let it happen naturally. 20% will never buy, snap out of it. Make time and effort to work on the 60% that may buy.


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