Benjamin Franklin


More than often in life, we will hit a cross junction when making decisions. This happens almost every minute of the day. Then again, there are some decisions that requires a little more thinking.

There is never an assurance that we are making the right decision. There is always that risk involve. Let’s face it; life is a gamble and breathing is a struggle, well at least for some. So how do we mitigate risk?

Have you ever caught yourself taking a piece of paper and writing to weigh the pros and cons of a certain action you are about to take? It is a simple act of making your options and repercussion more visible.

This, makes decision making a little easier. The mind works in a funny way. Some people are just more visual than others and it helps them feel secure when they can see what they are getting into.

Now it is a simple task of drawing a line across a piece of paper, with headers eg. pros and cons and listing them to help you make a decision.  This same technique could actually be used in a sales presentation at the closing stage.

Let’s visualise this: You are with your prospect and he is almost sold on the idea of owning whatever you are selling but still a little apprehensive. You take a piece of paper and go, “John, let’s do this. Let’s review your options, the pros and cons of owning this”

Let him list the pros and cons while you write it down and of course, if you know your product well and genuinely believe in your product, you will be able to help him add the pros ensuring the pros outweigh the cons.

Now that you have the list ready, go through it with him. You have just made his options more visible and this is the time to throw that final close and get him to sign on the dotted line.

Have a think on this and I hope you will try this close, the Benjamin Franklin Close. It is a close named after one of the wisest man who have walked this Earth.


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