A.R.T to Handle Objections


Here is a few words that a Sales Professional needs to know and live by. With these 3 words, I assure you that there is almost no arguments or objections that you cannot handle.




In short, ART.

You can call this the ART of handling objections. In one of my post, Chin Up, I mentioned the difference between Objections and Conditions. Therefore, with that difference in mind, you can apply this method.

The first thing you need to do to kill an objection is to AGREE. Agreeing with a person is not admitting that you are wrong. There is always 2 sides to the coin. In fact, when you agree with a Prospect, you do not appear as HARD SELLING. On the contrary, this will soothe any tension felt between Prospect and yourself.

Even Tom Hopkins said, “Champions have almost an affection for even the peskiest objection”.

A good Sales Professional will understand that acknowledging their opinions or concerns, shows that you are LISTENING. Which of course, key to any Sales Process as I have mentioned many times.When you listen actively, I assure you that your Prospect will open up to you.

Trust me, it is not as hard to be saying ” I agree it can cost too much” and it DEFINITELY sounds better than “No, this is how it is supposed to be”

Next, you have to be able to RELATE. What does that even means? Relating to your Prospect’s woes or concerns prove that you are empathetic, you are able to understand their feelings. Identify. Ensure they don’t feel alone. No one likes to be the only odd one. Remember, Selling is NOT just about the product. It is an emotional adventure for your Prospect. They will remember how you made them feel and that feeling can affect your closing.

A good example of RELATE will be using words like understand and feel. ” I understand that it may not be for you. A client of mine, Mr Jones felt the same”

This will help you to again enforce the fact that you are NOT hard selling and you are NOT the average Sales Person. You are a Sales Professional.

Lastly, TURNAROUND. This is where the real handling objection happens. The first 2 steps is to set them in the right mind condition. Bring down their defense and get them to calm down so they can listen to your explanation as to whey they should buy from you.

This last bit is usually followed with a close suitable to the situation. Here is an example of a TURNAROUND with a CLOSE

You: However, I’d really want you to have this as (state the feature and benefit that suits them as a prospect). So at what price would you be able to buy?

Prospect:$6,000 annually.

You: So if I could do it at $6000 annually, would you make the purchase today?

Well, there you have it. It is not that difficult to handle any objection. Just ensure you stage them right so they don’t feel pressured and give you the opportunity to turn around a negative and have try for a close.





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