Que Sera Sera


Death is imminent. Each of us comes with an expiration date. There is no two ways about. I want to share with you an exercise I did a few years ago.

This exercise helped me realised that the work of a journey makes you who you are. As a sales professional, I quickly understood that my journey will dictate the kind of sales professional I would be.

Now, take a piece of paper and pen. Have a moment of silence. Close your eyes if need be. Clear all thoughts and make way for imagination.

Imagine, lying down in a beautiful dress or nicely pressed suit. You are looking good, just as good as you did at your wedding. Then, you realised that you are lying in a wooden box.

You tried getting up but you cannot move. It seemed you are paralyzed. What is apparent to you is that a lot is happening around you. You can hardly make out anything until you heard a familiar voice. The voice of a loved one. He or she is crying.

Then you hear a man welcoming those present, introduces the service and says a prayer. It is now firmed that you are lying in a coffin, dead. The only thing you can do now is see and listen to your surrounding. No one can hear you again. Ever.

Members of your family and friends are invited to give a eulogy. Now, how would they have honoured you and what would they have said about you?

Don’t think, touch your heart and immense yourself in the moment. Then, write it down. Write what you would have heard.

Everything that is on that piece of paper, is your journey as a good person that made to the content of the eulogy. Whatever and however you were, is how you will be remembered.

Now coming back to sales, to be a great sales person, you have to fulfill the journey. I learnt that every little step of the journey will totally be worth it, just make sure you’re doing exactly what you need to do, and enjoy it in the moment.

The canvassing, the cold calling, rapport building, the presentation, follow ups and negotiation. It is your journey and if you did it right, you will turn out to be more than an average sales professional.

There is no shortcuts to be a great sales professional!



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