Alternative Choice Close


In Before A Close , I mentioned a few closes that a sales professional can use. One of the closes that I use so often, even in emails will be “Alternative Choice Close”.

As the name suggests, it is about giving the prospect alternatives to choose from. It is very simple and a highly effective sales technique. However, as with all closes, there need to be finesse in delivery.

Understanding the logic behind the “Alternative Choice Close” will help you use it better. I will also share some examples on how you could use this.

Why do you use this close:

“Alternative Choice Close” keeps the sales process focused and eliminates wavering between too many options. It also allows you to lead and guide prospects into making a decision faster.

When do you use this close:

Upon assumption that the prospect has decided to move forward. Be it to buy or even just to meet you. Therefore, almost in every scenario.

As sales professionals, we are to always assume the positive out of every proposition. Therefore, confidently just offer the alternatives.

How do you use this close:

By offering no more than three alternatives for them to choose from. I personally, prefer to keep it to 2.

The less alternatives available, the more prompt decision making becomes. It is just like sending a woman to a shoe boutique. The more they are spoil for options, the longer they take to decide.

Also to note that the alternatives offered have to be well defined. Simply put, this close needs 2Cs : confidence and concision.

Now that we have covered the grounds on “Alternative Choice Close”, it is time to have a look some examples in different scenarios.

“Would you prefer to make a 5% or a 10% deposit for the car?”

” Shall we meet on Tuesday or Thursday?”

“Which would you prefer, black or red?”

“Will one be enough, or would you prefer to have two?”

“Do you want to watch a movie or go bowling?”

As always, practice the closes on your family and friends until it flows naturally. If mastered, it is a great tool that will boost your sales. Good luck!




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