My Tuk Tuk Driver Taught Me Sales


It has been awhile since I blogged. I was on a break  in Cambodia. Cambodia is a country definitely worth visiting. This trip was different and has taught me many new things.

While most of my trips consist of art museums, admiring the architecture, shopping and exploring food. This time, I was learning the history of a country which has just ended their civil war not too long ago.

I live in a city that made it to the list of most expensive cities in the world. We have great infrastructure and is a global commerce, finance and transport hub. However, many of us take it for granted and being in Cambodia, opened my eyes and I truly feel very blessed.

Anyway, I would like to single out an incident there which I think sales professionals can learn a thing or two from.

We were leaving a cafe after lunch, and was ready to get on a tuk tuk and for sightseeing. There was a line of tuk tuk, no different from the taxi line back at home. Unfortunately, the first guy in line from the cafe was asleep and we moved on to the next. Poor guy, he was just about to open his lunch box. He immediately closed the box and was ready to let us jump into his tuk tuk and take us to our destination.

It may have been a standard practice but when we reached our destination, he offered to stay and wait for us to finish our tour so he could get us on the ride home.

When we got off, he offered if we would need his service the following day. We had plans to see another city the next day but will definitely be back in a few days, hence we took  his number.

The night before we were headed back to that city, we dropped him a SMS. He didn’t reply. I was quite disappointed as I have had a great impression on him but hey, what do you know. He was there at the bus stop to pick us up at 6am.

I was definitely very happy that I have a ride and was more than happy to have him drive us around for the day and tip him more. He already made what he would for the day by noon.

Here, he did everything right as a professional:

  1. Enthusiastic and eager to make new business (we were so empathetic that he was giving up lunch for us)
  2. Marry your clients/ customer (he was willing to wait in the heat, to ensure repeat business)
  3. Ask for repeat business (ask if we needed him and gave us his number)

This serves as a good reminder even for myself, that the start of every sale is:



Eye Contact

and that you have to marry your clients and be there for them so no competitors will poach them. Again, selling is about asking. Don’t be shy to ask for repeat business or referrals.



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