Before A Close


The first time I was introduced to sales closes, it was almost a decade ago.The common concern for those who know these sales closes, is what close do I use and when to use them. There is no science to this. It is situational.

The best you can do, is to know as many and understand the possible application. Eventually with years of experience, you will have a few closes handy in your pocket that you use regularly.

My personal favourites are the “Silent Close, Handshake Close, Alternative Choice Close, Benjamin Franklin Close, Reduced to Ridiculous Sum Close and of course the Sharp Angle Close, which I covered in My Favourite Close .

For those who are unfamiliar to these closes, keep reading the blogs in the coming weeks. I will definitely cover some of the closes. However, I want to discuss the crucial step we take throughout the whole pitch, presentation or negotiation before dishing out a close.

Have a look at the video below and ouh, please don’t judge. This may be the most unethical sales pitch but you cannot deny, there is a lot of  finesse in delivery.

It was a quick warm up, just to have enough information on the prospect before Seth moved to leading questions which guided and convinced the prospect. That is the crucial step; asking leading questions.

Quick recap on why people buy from you:

  1. They like you
  2. They trust you
  3. They need your product or service
  4. They have been preconditioned by you

The list could be longer but my point here is, in the video, there wasn’t a need but Seth in the 3 minutes, managed to make Harry trust him and Seth managed to preconditioned Harry, bringing Harry to the desired state by just asking the right questions.

See the power of leading questions, especially used with tie – downs eg. don’t you agree? isn’t it? Refer to the video again at 1.30s-1.45s

Leading questions when used appropriately will precondition prospect and stimulate them to talk, giving you answers that serves your purpose. I am more than confident if they are talking, they already like you. Active listening will get you their trust. Remember,  “selling is asking, not telling; listening, not talking.”


4 thoughts on “Before A Close

  1. Preconditioning is a powerful tool in the salesmans arsenal when used properly.

    That and flat out assuming the sale and moving on to the next step in the process. People want to be led


      1. I use to struggle with the fact that I was making a big decision for people. (I sold cars for 5 years). It wadnt until I accepted that they were looking at me as the profession to help guide their decision that I was able to become great at car sales.

        It got to where I would flat out tell people that based on what they told me they were on the wrong product


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