Overcoming Dry Spells


It is inevitable that at times selling can go on a dry spell and everything feels like falling apart. You are still the same good sales professional you are, doing the grind to the tee but nothing seems to work in your favor.

It is very convenient to blame everything under the sun for the lack of conversion and productivity. However, we need to acknowledge, this is the time where we take a step back to breathe and look into the situation again.

This is in fact, an opportunity for the entire sales team to identify problems and brainstorm for solutions to avoid future and further troubles. Here are some of the problems that could be the root to this unfortunate situation and how we can resolve it:

Lack of motivation : You can still be the good sales professional but a sales professional with lack of motivation is like a a diamond that lacks lustre. The vibe can be picked up by your prospect.

As a sales professional, you are no different from your prospects. Everyone has a trigger button. Identify yours to bring back the spark. Know your end game and and have a game plan.

Sales managers have do this too! No excuses. You have to know what motivates your team. 4 common factors that will fuel the drive MORE:

Money : This is of course self explanatory; salary and commission. Realistically, everyone works hard to be paid. Occasionally, you can throw in a SPIF  (sales performance incentive fund).

Opportunity :They are not sales professionals if they aren’t opportunist. Opportunities vary from each individual – opportunity to grow professionally, personally.

Rewards : Sometimes money is just not it for some people. They want to be recognized and rewarded differently. Be creative about it, maybe a Top Salesperson plaque. That is always a morale booster.

Emotional Intelligence : Being sensitive to the feelings and needs of your team. It is that simple.

Non cohesive work environment : An environment where sales managers and mentors instruct instead of guiding and exert colossal amount of stress. Colleagues get negatively competitive. No inspiration, direction despite having a goal. It is not enough to have a destination but no exact plans how to get there.

Overcoming this is definitely the responsibility of a sales manager. As a sales manager, you have to be the go to person, therefore you must be an effective communicator who listens too and encouragement from the boss goes a long way. It is also imperative to set SMART goals with an action plan and milestone checkpoints. This eliminates lack of inspiration, direction and desperate attempts to eat each other alive within the team.

Specific . Measurable . Achievable . Realistic . Time goals

Industry competition : Every industry will have its own competition. I believe the more niche your product or service, the stiffer the competition. More than often, sales managers overlooked the ferocity of the competition simply due to their ignorance.

Knowing they exist is not enough! That is not going to help your sales team. You need every information you can have on them. So what do you exactly need to know:

  • how do they market the products or services to customers
  • the prices they charge
  • their latest developments
  • how do they enhance customer loyalty and what other services they offer
  • the quality of their of their products
  • customers’ feedback on your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

With these information, compile a list and analyze. Be brutally honest with yourself if they are doing better than you. If so, it is time to create an action plan and make some innovative changes.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.’    

                                                                                                                                 – Bruce Lee –




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