Get in the Ring for the K.O


Sylvester Stallone won his first Golden Globe Award recently for the movie Creed, the spin off to the Rocky series. Have to say, that was one hell of a wait for the old man.

See, I have had basic boxing lessons as a teenager. A boxing match last about three minutes each round and can go up to nine rounds. That is almost thirty minutes of getting punched and throwing punches. It is a sports that require undivided focus and stamina when in the ring.

Boxers need to analyze, anticipate a punch and cannot afford to get emotional in the ring. Emotional punches are a waste. You miss your target and you get tired. You have to make every punch count.

It is not so different from when we are negotiating a sales deal. Negotiations can be a long and dreadful process. There can be plenty of objections and it can take a toll on our emotions.

Here are some tips on how to negotiate effectively:

Good Preparation

Much like boxers need to train for months and prepare for a match. We need to be prepared too. Have enough information on the prospect and his expectations with a number ready in your head and your walkaway terms.

Active Listening

While boxers anticipate a punch to duck, we address concerns to get rid of objections. Concentrate on the verbal communication and read the body language. Continue to ask questions and listen attentively to fully understand their needs.

Do NOT Get Emotional

Allowing emotions to get the best of you will only lead to unfavourable results. When you are emotional, the brain stops working too well. Negotiating is not an argument. So, handle objections with composure. It is key to know when and how to walk away politely to regain the composure. 

” Boxing is not about your feelings. It is about performance” – Manny Pacquiao, first and only eight-division world champion


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