The Overlooked Traits Of A Sales Professional


Everyone wants to have an opinion on what makes a great sales professional. So many have written about it and in summary, we see a few common adjectives such as focused, empathetic, responsible and positive.

Come on, we all know that already and we agree. Besides, which occupation does not need one to have all, if not most of those attributes. So what makes selling only an occupation for some and what really separates the good from the great? This is my two cents worth:


Someone who is well travelled, if not well read at least with great common sense. Knowledgeable people tend to have impeccable communication skills with the ability to find common grounds with the person they are talking too. This trait truly helps to build a relationship and trust.


Every prospect is unique. No one cannot change the prospect nor the environment they are in but they can make the best out of it by adapting to it. To adapt quickly, allows them to react as necessary and give prospect what they’re asking for.

Active Listener

Power of conversation and negotiation comes from active listening. They can read body language as well as verbal communication well. They can use that to their advantage and ask the right questions to ensure that the needs of the other party is understood.


Persistence conquers resistance. Never say die attitude. They won’t stop just because they got one rejection. Selling is a numbers game, and it takes a lot to go through the motion to get that yes. It is not meant for the weak hearted.

Confidence (maybe even a little arrogance)

Be borderline cocky if need be, they have to be confident enough to know that they are the professional with the knowledge to problem solve and worthy of respect from the prospects. Strong confidence in the product, service and current market to have a healthy debate with decision makers.


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