Be the Manager they need


The natural progression of a sales professional is to eventually manage a team. Despite the varied objectives, all of us hustled the grind day in day out to get there. For those who are still hustling, I certainly hope you get there and for those who is already there, congratulations.

Sales Manager, like any managerial position is not just a title. You have proven that you can hustle the grind and you are great at your craft. Now do you have leadership qualities to manage a team of sales professionals? Before you say yes, stop and think. Think hard.

If all you do is hound the sales team and exert pressure to get desired results. Let me be honest, you are one hell of a crap manager.

Sure, the pain is always on middle level managers who do all the dirty job of hounding the sales team for productivity. But many of us overlook the little things that affects the productivity.

You are a manager, your job is to manage problems. Little care is given if you can still do the grind. We all know that, hence you are the manager. Now, it is more how do you make your team do the grind.

Hounding, micro managing and holding them accountable brutally is no longer the way to go with new generation of sales professionals. I am not saying let it all go and have a circus. But a few key things here to note, good leaders inspire, focus on change, believe in his or her team and have a vision with directions.

Monitor individual month to month performance. Have a one on one, fix a plan together for them to execute. Understand their strengths and weakness and work together for progression. People naturally work harder for people they like.

I shall leave you to ponder over it with a quote from John C. Maxwell “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” 



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