My Favourite Close


contract-945619_1920Selling style is something very personal to many sales professionals. It is almost like a habit cultivated over the years. Pay close attention the next time you are with a prospect, you will soon realise that some of you, work most prospects the same way.

I enjoy listening to a sales pitch by others and identifying their style. It is a very enlightening process. Professional, friendly, aggressive and the list goes on. But if you have only one style – trust me, you are not doing it right.

Each prospect is unique, you will have to adapt to them. Likewise when asking for a close. Hence, having a few of them in your pocket comes handy.

So, I am going to share with you one of my all time favourite close. This close works well in most situation after receiving an objection, especially an objection that is tied to a greed trigger.

Sharp Angle Close; a close so powerful that I personally use it almost daily. But it takes some courage of course. Asking for a close is never not nerve wrecking but if you have timed it right, all is well.

The essence of this close is simple. It is answering a prospect’s question with a question and getting what you need while giving them what they want. When this close is used properly, it enables the prospect to provide you with an answer that essentially leads to the close.

This close also helps to minimise the haggling and get right to the core of the matter. And all you have to remember is the five magical words “If I could….. Would you….?”

Quick example for your reference:

Prospect : “Do you have this car in blue?”

Reply      : “If we can have the car in blue, would you place the order today?”

Simple isn’t it? I hope more of you would be bold enough to ask for that signature on the dotted line with this close. Good luck!





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