The Fight is from Within


Day one back at work in 2016. Happy New Year. Just a thought though, how many of us really penned down our new year resolution. I certainly didn’t but if you did, I sincerely hope you will see it through.

Hmmm, speaking of resolutions – some of us find the idea of “new year, new me” such a cliche. Honestly, part of me thinks the same. A “new me” can happen at any new day. So my resolution, would be constant progression, a better me from each yesterday.

With reference to the famous Gandhi quote “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Simple example for argument sake; Jane (no association to the living of course) is an alcoholic who have drinks every day with her friends. Will she stop being an alcoholic by not meeting her friends? Answer is NO. She has to change herself to change her world.

How is this relevant to a sales professional? The concept is the same. If you don’t change yourself and the way you think, changing your environment is not going to help your numbers. You are still you with the same set of negative thoughts, flaws and self sabotaging attitude. Change you and you will see the difference to your little sales world.

Believe in yourself, have a purpose and love yourself. It may sound like some rubbish you hear all the time but I believe you are already hearing the little voice in your head, saying “She’s right”.

The day you learn to love yourself, you will be filled with positive thoughts. Come to work each day with a purpose, know why you are there and what is your niche as a sales professional. Take the bull by the horns this 2016.




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