A Tribute to That Iced Milo


It is a few days just before the year end. Typically, I like to take some time and reflect on the year that went by so fast. Funny, while I am at it, a particular person came to mind.

It was almost ten years ago. It was late, slightly after 10PM and I was after work – a junior sales professional who was working very hard then. In my polished black suit, I was getting off the train and this man came up to me to say a simple “Hi”.

The conversation was brief and nearing to the end of it, I said something along the lines “Let’s have coffee someday” and he didn’t wait for a minute to pass and closed me there, making every use of the McDonalds in front of us to have coffee immediately. As it was truly late, we each had Iced Milo.

The night went by fast just chatting and talking about our new career in selling. Everything else is history.

Today, not only he is my closest mate, he is my financial planner, my sounding board for all my crazy ideas, my pillar of motivation when I have a bad month with sales and the person who will push me to the best of my potential. I am forever grateful to have found him that fateful night. I genuinely hope he feels the same too, hah!

Look, I am not saying entertain every stranger you meet on the train but you really have no idea who you will rub shoulders with. It boils down to the emotional contagion. I cannot emphasize more that selling is a contacts sport.

We met ten years ago, I bought from him three years ago and he has been doing the same thing for as long as we have known each other. He was my prospect once and he has done a fair bit of referrals to me too.

It was a matter of time. Sales is all about timing and it is imperative to ask for the sales at the right time too. But more than anything else, he is a great friend who I constantly spar with, when it comes to knowledge. We both grew professionally and personally as a person with each others’ presence.

If there is anything one can take away is a smile or a chat never makes one poorer. It can only enrich your life, be it professionally or personally. In the words of George Elliot, Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles”

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