No Farming, No Hunting


I am sure as seasoned sales professionals, we are very familiar with the terms “hunter” and “farmer”. There is a huge misconception that this two roles are different. Many of us do not realise that in order for one to be a “hunter”, you must first be able to “farm”.

Canvassing is a form of “farming” and is a viable option for obtaining leads. Canvassing is tough business, that I won’t deny. However, it helps to create brand awareness and a strong referral network, allowing you to get a jump on your competitors and get quality leads.

Without leads, there will be no prospect and therefore, no “hunting”. I believe each and everyone of us, as sales professional is capable of “farming”. It is a matter of preferred form of “farming”.

My preferred method is rehash. I mentioned this briefly in one of my last post – “6 Steps to Your Next Close”. These are some of the ways that we can optimise rehashing:

  1. Seek out referral business from existing client.
  2. Every product or service has a lifespan. Reach out to existing clients for renewal or replacement.
  3. Constant updates for all contacts on your latest products and services.
  4. Take on other people’s existing client list that they want to get rid of.
  5. Raising the dead. Contact all old enquiries, the “could have beens”.

There are countless different ways to canvass, to generate new business. Once the momentum builds up, you will be able to create something from nothing.

This will have a huge impact on your confidence. Nothing triggers enthusiasm like having plentiful of prospects. Now with all these leads, the “hunter” instincts will automatically kick in and the “hunting” starts.

I reckon now many of us realise that we probably have done some form of “farming” in our career as sales professionals. We are all “farmers” before “hunters”.



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