6 Steps to Your Next Close


Recently, I wrote in to a gym with interest to sign for a new gym membership. I was truly impressed at how prompt they called me to lock in an appointment. Truly impressive. Very quickly, we set a date to tour the fitness centre.

I was further impressed when we met days later. The sales representative even offered to pick me up in front of the building, just in case I lose my way.  However, all that excellent first impression went down the drain very quickly too.

During the tour, we were walking around clueless. We had to search for the ladies restroom. He clearly hasn’t mapped out the tour and apologised at how disoriented we were as he was not based out of that fitness centre. That was no excuse.

Halfway through the tour, I was already losing interest. I was a prospect who came to you with an interest; it should be an easy close. It all boils down to affordability since the decision to buy has already been made.

My conclusion on this experience:

  1. Lack of interest as prospect was a walk in
  2. Lack of experience as a representative of the company
  3. Lack of sales knowledge

Sales professionals have to take every prospect seriously, regardless if it was given to you, self-generated or even if you think they are never going to buy. It is your job to not prematurely conclude a deal in your little head.

On that note, here are some tips on how to have a great meeting and close that sale:

  1. Pre-game preparation: Regardless which industry, one has to have a pre-game preparation before meeting a prospect. Have a study on what you want to offer, show and if you are at a unfamiliar territory, be there earlier to get familiarise.
  1. Introduction: The introduction is the most important step. First you want to greet your prospect with enthusiasm.
  1. Short Story: Time to address why you are there on that fateful day. This is also the time where you can precondition your prospects. Open up their mind before you close them.
  1. Presentation: Keep it short and simple with the features (logic) and benefits (emotions). Be engaging to get a reaction from your prospect.
  1. Close: Once you are done sharing your offer, it’s now time to close the deal or follow up for a close. Don’t be scared of objections it’s all part of the sale.
  1. Rehash: It also doesn’t hurt to suggest another one for a gift for somebody or referral.

There you have it. I hope this little piece here will be helpful.

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