Nothing but Emotion


You and I would agree human beings are emotional creatures. It doesn’t matter if you are a pessimist, optimist or even a realist. We are motivated by familiar feelings and experiences.

Out of sight, out of mind – I take that with a pinch of salt. We all have been in that situation where we would be reminded of things long forgotten. Whatever that triggered it, was something that our brain has stored like a hard drive in a computer – not on the desktop but somewhere only the geeks know.

All these storing up of information will eventually form our individual hot buttons – topics or issues that emotionally trigger a reaction. In sales, we use hot buttons for a positive reaction leading to a deal.

Greed – This is the customers’ drive to want more for less. The concept behind this is to establish value in the customer’s’ mind at a high price (that they may contemplate purchasing at) and then once they see the price has been dropped they will like it is too good of a deal to pass up.

Indifference – This is one of the hardest to master. People can sense neediness and it will repulse them. They can also sense indifference, and it will set off alarm bells in their head when you are nonchalant. It will make them feel like they are missing out on something big.  This is only applicable if you are truly sure they are hooked on the deal, if not it may backfire.

Fear of Loss – The fear of loss IS greater than the need for gain. People hate losing out on special deals.

The Jones’s Theory – Have you heard the saying: “Keeping up with the Jones”? Everyone wants to follow the popular trends. No one wants to feel left behind or feel out of touch with the times. However, nobody wants to be the first person to buy but if your prospect sees that their neighbours or competitors have bought your product or service, it could motivate them to buy too.  

Sense of Urgency –People will buy on impulse, only if you can get them excited about it. Now or never! In order to impulse someone into doing what you want, you need to create an urgency to buy today!

There you have it, understand what ticks your prospect and apply GIFTS on them accordingly. Putting this to work will take some effort but I am more than sure that it will become second nature with enough practice. Trust me, it will be rewarding.

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